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A committed team

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé

The Valúdo team is committed to offering certified Organic and Fairtrade coconut products. This commitment means that respect for the human being and the environment is at the heart of our decisions and actions. The Valúdo team is led by Guillaume Taufflieb.

Citation de l'équipe engagée de Valudo
Badge Flat de Certification 100% Biologique


Badge Flat de Certification 100% Biologique

Keys values and respect of the environment

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé
2 Vision d'une filière écologique et équitable

Our mission

• To guarantee an eco-friendly and fairtrade sector
• To monitor and control the entire production line
• To certify high quality and organic products

1 Vision de la Qualité des Produits

Our vision

• To give a meaning to the quality of our products
• To offer a coconut oil of high social and environmental responsibility
• To guarantee a unique flavor that is certified 100% São Tomé and Principe

3 Vision d'un processus rigoureusement surveillé

Our process

• Harvest of the coconuts by hand in small local plantations
• Dehydration of the coconut flesh at a strictly controlled temperature
• Respect of the cold pressing method