Valúdo: An artisanal process and an organic coconut oil

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Presentation of the fruit

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The coconut tree is an herbaceous plant, and not a tree. It has a considerably slow growth, which allows its fruit, the coconut, to fill itself on all the (wealth) that constitutes it. In fact, every single part of the coconut tree is usable, hence its nickname “the tree of life” or “the tree of the one-hundred uses”. For example, we drink the coconut water, we eat its flesh and we use it to make oil, we use the coconut fiber and palm (leaves?) as building material, and the sap of the plant as syrup. Most coconut trees give their first fruit after about 3 years, they reach their maximum productivity after 10 or 20 years, and they can produce coconuts for about 100 years. They give an average of 50 to 150 coconuts a year, depending on the variety. Coconut trees need a lot of water to grow. The abundant rains on the islands of São Tomé and Principe are therefore partly responsible for the innumerous coconut trees in the country.

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Our process

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Harvesting of the coconuts

Removing of the husk

Opening of the shell

Peeling of the thin brown film

Cleaning of the flesh and grinding of the pulp

Controlled dehydration

Extracting of the cold-pressed oil

Oil filtering


8 steps for an oil of high quality
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The selected coconuts are first stored in collection areas closed to where they were collected. They are then transported to the processing center where we produce our oil and other coconut products.

To produce our extra virgin coconut oil, we first remove by hand the two main protective layers of the coconut, that is the fluff and the brown shell. The thin brown film that protects the flesh is also removed to obtain a completely transparent oil. The coconut flesh is then finely grounded and dehydrated gently at a strictly controlled temperature. We then start the cold pression process, which consists of extracting the oil from the flesh with screw presses. The oil is then finely filtered to obtain a coconut oil of exceptional quality.