The Valúdo Products

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé Blanc

Products of Quality

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé

Valúdo aims to produce and offer its clients and customers various by-products of the coconut. These products are currently undergoing the Organic and Fairtrade certifications.

  • Icone Huile de Coco
    Coconut oil
  • Icone Farine de Coco
    Coconut flour
  • Icone Fibre Coco
    Coconut fiber
  • Icone Noix de Coco Rapée
    Grated coconut
  • Icone Vinaigre de Coco
    Coconut vinegar
  • Icone Charbon de Coco
    Coconut charcoal

Characteristic of our oil

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé
  • white
  • of natural origin
  • exceptional flavor locally produced

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A myriad of uses

Séparateur Style Africain Sao Tomé
Huile de coco Bénéfique pour le corps



Coconut oil has many health benefits for skin and hair. It has been widely used in India for centuries, and it is one of the main oil used in ayurvedic medicine. Coconut oil contains a very high level of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid that has antimicrobial properties and nourishes the skin and hair. Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin A and E, two powerful antioxidants, and it blocks part of the ultraviolet rays, limiting the damage caused by the sun. Our oil can also be used to moisturize lips, whiten teeth, and makes your breath smell good.

Huile de coco savoureuse gastronomique



Coconut oil is a great alternative to other oils and conventional fats. It is known for its many health benefits, its antibacterial properties, its protection against cardiovascular diseases, and it can even slow down the evolution of certain diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

Coconut oil is solid as room temperature (<24°C) and can be used at high temperature, making it convenient for frying. When consumed cold, it enhances the dishes and brings an exotic touch.

Huile de coco glamour et exotique



Coconut is certainly delicious and nutritious, but so are its by-products. In fact, the pulp, water, milk, and oil made from coconuts are all rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients important for our health. Among the coconut products that are still a little unknown are sugar, flour, charcoal, cream, yoghourt, and butter. These products are healthy alternatives to more common foods, such as white sugar, wheat flour, and dairy products.